Ongoing Projects

Metabolic networks consist of interacting biochemical reaction chains (i.e., pathways) that are responsible for essential cellular processes such as energy production, DNA synthesis, and lipid breakdown. Reactions in these networks are connected to each other through chemical substances (e.g., glucose) that they consume and produce. Such substances are called “metabolites”, and with the recent adv ... More

In database management systems, the estimation of selectivity is required to predict the cost of possible alternative execution plans for a given query. Many studies show that even very small inaccuracies in the cost estimates can cause the query optimizer to choose a suboptimal execution plan. With the explosion of the internet and text-based data, there is an ever greater need to evaluate querie ... More

Predicting promising academic papers is useful for a variety of parties, including researchers, universities, scientific councils, and policymakers. Researchers may benefit from such data to narrow down their reading list and focus on what will be important, and policymakers may use predictions to infer rising fields for a more strategic distribution of resources.This research focuses on developing n ... More

Past Projects

Query optimization module is responsible for generating the lowest cost execution plans for queries running on database systems. The number of alternative execution plans that should be considered during optimization increases exponentially with the number of tables involved in a query. On the other hand, since the optimization is done during compilation-time, optimization time is rather limited. ...